The Beginning - 2 Minute Audit

We are conducting a new experiment called the Two-Minute Audit.

Most Internet users don't know how to determine whether a website is trustworthy or not. This is really a problem when a website asks for personal information. We'd like to offer a way for every user, regardless of their level of web-security skills, to quickly determine if a website can be trusted.

Here's an example. Your son wants you to order a year book for his school from a website. You pull up the website and find the website wants the following information before you can order the yearbook:

Full name
Home address
Email address
Username for the site

After you create the account you also need to enter your credit card number, expiration date, and three-digit confirmation code.

Before you enter all that information you should take a moment and look over the website and determine it it is worthy of storing your personal information.

That's where the Two-Minute Audit comes in. The Two-Minute Audit will help you review the website and get a feel for how well the owner is protecting your personal information. The Two-Minute Audit is not a guarantee of anything, but it will help you weed out websites that don't take protecting your information seriously.

Our next post will define a set of criteria to use when evaluating a site.